Burr Coffee Grinder: Buyer guide

Burr Coffee Grinder: Buyer guide

June 1, 2018 0 By admin

If you are taking a closer look today at the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder, you are not alone. More and more people today are discovering the benefits that come with grinding up your own coffee beans, but of course in order to do this, you do have to put your own coffee grinder to use. The features and prices of these machines can vary quite a bit, and so you do want to take a closer look at the Bodum Bistro to see just what it has to offer.

Burr Coffee Grinder Features

So what do you get when you buy the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder? This burr coffee grinder boasts a small size that is well suited for home countertop use. It features 14 different grind settings so you can easily specify the fineness of your grounds. It also features a Borosilicate glass catcher for your grounds, a timed grinding feature, and more. It is even available in five stylish color options so you can find an option that looks great sitting on your counter top.

The Benefits

Most who have spent some time reviewing the options available for grinding beans at home agree that the burr coffee grinder is the best method. This particular model of grinder takes your beans and perfectly, precisely grinds them to the ideal fineness for you. This gives you complete control over the aroma and flavor of the coffee you produce with your beans. With the powerful motor, you will find that the beans can be ground up in just a matter of seconds, and with 14 different fineness settings, the experience of using the machine is considered to be exceptional.

How much Burr Coffee Grinder Cost

Most who take a look at the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder and compare its features and price against others on the market find that there is indeed value in this product. The Bodum Bistro retails for just under $135, and you will find that you can actually find it at a more affordable price in many locations. You can find a more expensive burr coffee grinder on the market, but when you compare features, you may discover, as so many others have, that there isn’t much additional value offered by pricier options when compared to what this model has to offer.

The User Comments

Of course, if you are shopping for a burr coffee grinder, what it all really boils down to is the experience a product can provide to you when grinding your beans at home. The Bodum Bistro is highly rated on Amazon.com, and so you will want to take a closer look at what people who have already bought this machine have to say about the experience of using it in their own homes. Here are a couple of comments that may be of interest to you:

“I’m still using my grinder after 2-3 months and I still love it! I’ve started grinding for espresso with great results.”
– – Dan S, Amazon.com

“Very consistent and perfect size for drip on drip setting; I have tried this with a drip coffee maker and it is excellent.”
– – Dimon, Amazon.com

How to Get One

Once you have decided that the Bodum Bistro is the burr coffee grinder for you, you will then want to take some time to place your order for it online through the product’s website. This is the easiest way to find it, and it takes the hassle out of shopping at local stores, too. You just place your order, and it will be shipped right to you in a few days.

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