Essential Pointers for Making Turkish Coffee

Essential Pointers for Making Turkish Coffee

June 28, 2018 0 By admin

It is undeniably true that when you first try Turkish coffee, your first sip, the aroma, the unique flavor, the attractive foam on top, the very fine grounds that feel like powdery sand and the soothing feeling that comes along with every sip are just absolutely unforgettable. I would like to call it the one-of-a-kind ‘Turkish coffee experience’ if you will. What makes Turkish coffee different from other types of coffee is probably the fact that the manner in which it is brewed has survived many centuries and been passed on to many succeeding generations until now.

Whether you have already tried Turkish coffee or have yet to try it, you most probably want to learn more ideas on how it should be made. Below are some very valuable tips you must keep in mind in order to come up with the Turkish coffee that you will absolutely love!

Select the newly roasted coffee beans

If you want great-tasting Turkish coffee, it must begin with your choice of roasted coffee beans. The coffee beans must not be old; instead, they must be roasted just a couple days ago or up to a week ago. This is to ensure that the freshness of the beans is still at its highest degree. When you use stale roasted beans, this will inevitably spoil the taste of your Turkish coffee. That is why buy only from a trusted roaster that can provide high quality roasted beans.

Grind the coffee beans to their finest level

You will need very fine coffee grounds in order to make the best Turkish coffee as its finest coffee ground texture is one of its important characteristics. There are grinders that especially grind coffee beans to meet the texture needed to make the best Turkish coffee. If you drink Turkish coffee often, it is a good idea to invest in this type of grinder.

Grind as soon as possible

Yes. Grind the roasted beans shortly before the brewing process starts. In other words, if you are not brewing the roasted beans yet or anytime soon, then do not grind the beans just yet. If you grind the beans and just set them aside for an hour or more, it is definitely not a good idea since its flavor starts to weaken after grinding them.

Create an adequate amount of foam

Another interesting feature of Turkish coffee is the presence of foam. The thing is if you cannot see any foam at all, it does not really meet the expectations of traditional coffee lovers. You might think that it can be a bit challenging to create the foam, but this should not be a problem provided that you grind the newly roasted beans and not the low quality old roasted beans.

Brew your coffee the right way

Brewing your coffee at the right temperature in a proper way will certainly help produce excellent results. Always remember to brew your coffee at a temperature not higher than 158˚ F. This is the recommended temperature that should be followed so that the formation of foam becomes possible. If you brew at a temperature higher than the recommended 158˚ F, it would be impossible for the foam to form. It is even worse if it reaches the H20 boiling point temperature. In other words, don’t give your coffee a chance to reach its boiling stage as that is not the perfect way to brew Turkish coffee.

Include other interesting ingredients

Sugar is an essential ingredient of Turkish coffee. Add a certain quantity that suits your taste. You may use the regular sugar that you use for cooking. Honey is also great for Turkish coffee. In addition, adding some spices to your coffee also creates a more pleasant flavor. The typical spice that goes well with Turkish coffee is cardamom. However, if you prefer to add a different spice, you may do so.  As a matter of fact, you may experiment on using other spices, depending on what strikes your fancy.

Consider the important role of water

Yes. Water is an important part not only in brewing but also in drinking Turkish coffee. Avoid using water from your tap as this can unfavorably affect the aroma and flavor of your coffee. Add clean potable water for brewing. Also, keep in mind that water should be prepared along with Turkish coffee. In fact, you should take at least one glass of it right before you can have a taste of your coffee as this will help you appreciate the distinct taste of your Turkish coffee more.

By now, you have probably realized that although at first it may seem intimidating to make your own Turkish coffee, it is not impossible to make as long as you have all the right ingredients and follow the pointers mentioned in this article. After all, the pleasant experience that comes with drinking Turkish coffee is all worth your time and effort in preparing it.

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