How to roast coffee beans in a popcorn popper?

How to roast coffee beans in a popcorn popper?

June 25, 2018 0 By admin

There are many popcorn poppers available on the market. However, most of them are not perfect to roast coffee beans. Therefore, it is important to find a proper unit if you want to roast coffee beans.

The poppers in modern days do not catch heat enough to roast coffee beans. Therefore, it is important to choose an older version for roasting beans. In some units, you may need modification so that you can roast coffee beans properly.

Moreover, it is a hard process to go through. Many coffee lovers use to buy roasted coffee beans. However, it is easy if you know how to roast the coffee beans. You need to use the temperature and equipment properly. In addition, you need to give attention to the process to complete. Otherwise, you can’t expect properly roasted coffee beans.

Roasting Preparation

You should set up the popper outside of your home. It will create smoke too much to handle in your kitchen. if you want to avoid smoke, you need to modify the popper.

However, you should arrange the popper outside the home for safety. As a result, you can easily complete the task. Moreover, you need to remove the plastic lid of the popper for the work.

Today, we will discuss step by step to roast coffee beans in a popcorn popper.


You need to setup your roaster properly for coffee beans. It needs to be well-ventilated with a lit. The ventilation design will help to remove the smoke from the roaster.

You need to check the color of the coffee beans. Therefore, the light will help to check the color if they are properly roasted or not. So, prepare the equipment that you need for the step.


It is important to give the right amount of coffee beans into the roaster. Otherwise, you will not get properly roasted coffee beans. Moreover, it can also damage the popcorn popper.

How much coffee beans should you give in the popper? You need to give the same amount as suggested for popcorn. It is enough for the popper to roast the coffee beans. The coffee beans size varies depending on the manufacturer. So, you need to give a proper amount. Otherwise, your popper cannot handle it.


Now you need to put the lid and close the container. Make sure that you are always there to watch the coffee beans. It can easily burn your coffee beans if you leave it for a while. For that reason, don’t take risk of losing expensive coffee beans.


You will get various features in the roaster. You can use the settings to get a different style, power, and taste. However, they are not an important tool for coffee beans.

You can choose the various temperature and humidity level. However, they are not important for a beginner. Make sure to choose the settings wisely. Otherwise, you cannot expect good roasts.

You may need maximum 10 minutes to roast the coffee beans in a popcorn popper. However, you need to wait and check for a couple of batches. Then, you can easily understand when they are ready.


You need to wait for the crack sound of the beans. You can get the cracks within 5 minutes of roasting. However, the time depends on the size of the coffee beans.

There is no exact number of cracks for the coffee beans. You can use the coffee beans once you heard the first crack. So, you can turn-off the popper for roasting the beans at any time.


As soon as you want to stop cooking, you need to turn-off the popper. Otherwise, it can also overcook the coffee beans.

You need to remove the coffee beans from the popper quickly. Moreover, it is important to make them cool quickly. Make sure that you have done everything to cool down. Otherwise, it will continue to cook the coffee beans. As a result, you might not get the flavor that you want from the beans.


It is important to keep the roasted coffee beans in a container for a couple of hours. Otherwise, you will not get a proper flavor of roasted coffee at all. Therefore, you need to keep the roasted beans for 12 hours so that you can get perfect flavor.

Important tool

In addition to the popcorn popper, you may also need some additional tools.

Digital Scale: It is important to give exact quantity to the popper for roasting. Otherwise, you will not get well-roasted beans. So, a digital scale will help to give you accurate weight for consistent roasting.


Now you need to find the best popcorn popper so that you can roast the coffee beans. Make sure to taste the popper few times before selecting the right temperature and setup. However, it can also damage your entire packet of coffee beans.

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