What You Must Consider to Brew a Perfect Homemade Cup of Coffee

What You Must Consider to Brew a Perfect Homemade Cup of Coffee

May 22, 2018 0 By admin

When you want a cup of perfectly made coffee, probably what comes to your mind is the nearby coffee shop that sells your favorite coffee. However, the truth is, you can avail of a perfect homemade cup of coffee even in thecomfort of your own home. Is that possible you ask? Well, you can certainly make a perfect homemade coffee in a more convenient and economical way. The tips you will read below will definitely give you the ideas you need to come up with a a perfect homemade cup of coffee that you will surely love!

Go for excellent coffee beans

Nothing beats using the newly roasted quality beans if you really want to get a perfect homemade coffee. When checking the label, make sure that the beans were roasted just a few days ago because the optimum degree of freshness will only last between four and twelve days, depending on the type of roast. It is best to get roasted beans from a reputable roaster. It is also a smart idea to buy an amount that you can consume for just a few days. The beans must be stored in an airtight canister so that you have excellent beans each time you brew.

Grind roasted beans at the proper time

To preserve the original flavor of roasted beans, they must be brewed just a few minutes after grinding them. You must only grind the amount of roasted beans that you will need for brewing at a particular time. In other words, only grind each time you plan to brew. Take note that you must not use very fine grounds or very coarse grounds so just try to come up with a texture that falls somewhere in between. Your choice of grinder matters a lot so be sure to get one that can produce the right texture.

Opt for the whole bean variety

Grinding the beans way too early prior to brewing will not help preserve the original flavor of the beans. That is why it is not really advisable to buy the pre-ground coffee variety. It is a smart idea to always buy the type of coffee beans that you have yet to grind at home.

Avoid using just any kind of water

An excellent coffee must contain an excellent kind of water. There is no doubt that your coffee will not taste great if you add water with an awful taste. Water from your tap or water from a well is not really considered the best choice for coffee. Distilled is not recommended at all. Instead, the water you mix with your roasted coffee beans must be filtered. Clean spring H2O will make a superb match for your coffee beans.

Value the importance of the temperature

The temperature can definitely affect the quality and taste of your coffee, so this is an important aspect to consider when brewing coffee. Remember that basically the lowest temperature for brewing coffee must be at 195˚F, whereas the highest temperature must be at 205˚F. If the temperature of the water is too low, you will get poor quality coffee. If the temperature of the water is too hot, you will get an awful burnt coffee taste. .

Invent your specialty

As it is your own homemade coffee, you are actually free to experiment on the flavor. You can do so by including other ingredients that appeal to you. For example, if you want an Italian-inspired coffee, perhaps mixing an Italian coffee creamer will give you a great-tasting coffee. Also, you might want to try a strawberry flavor. You have unlimited options, so you can try a different coffee recipe each time.

Savor every drop

Coffee is not meant to be chugged. You certainly want to experience its flavor little by little so try to drink your coffee in a relaxed manner as you savor its taste, from beginning to end. It is also a good idea to use a smaller cup each time you brew if you always want your coffee to stay hot or warm while drinking it.

Make it clean

Unless you use clean equipment, work in a clean space and work with clean hands, your coffee is not perfect. So, make sure everything is clean. Your coffee beans must be free from any foreign substances such as fine stones or dust. The utensils, grinder and other machines you use to prepare your coffee must be squeaky clean as well.

Indeed, there is no need for you to go to the nearest coffee shop to get a perfect cup of homemade coffee. By following the great tips mentioned above, you can quickly grab one straight from your own kitchen countertop to experience a unique coffee taste with your own personal touch any time you wish.

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